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Random Acts of Kindness

Last year I made a real thing out of Random Acts of Kindness. In March and April 2016 I completed 44 RAK’s before I turned 44. These acts included, making hats for the premmy baby unit at my local hospital, leaving nice little card and a bar of chocolate for someone who is having a rough day or just because. taping change to parking meters in town, leaving money on the rides outside the supermarket. the List goes on…..

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Too much Washi Tape???

I love my washi Tape. In fact I think I possibly love it a little too much. I can easily order several rolls at a time rather than just maybe a couple in the colour I “need” (or want). Because of this my washi collection has grown massively over the last year sine I started journalling. I was about to store my collection in a jar and then a couple of baskets but digging through them to find the rolls at the bottom was annoying and I found that I wasn’t using all the patterns just the ones I could see on the top of the basket. Transferring the tapes in to a glass jar was great to remind me of the tapes at the bottom but it was still a pain to have to tip the whole lot out for one roll. ¬†I ordered a wooden cutlery tray so all my tapes would be on show and accessible but that was almost already full as soon as it arrived! I needed a better way to store my pretties.

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Bullet Journal

Weekly Layouts

So far this year I’ve been using a double layout without a dutch door for each weekly layout. I found that towards the end of the year the folded page (my dutch door) was hardly being used. It seemed like an awful waste of paper to continue to use this set up. So making the space I use for each day slightly smaller it gave me an empty space at the top of my left hand page. That’s list space I think ūüôā

This spread still leaves me loads of space for each day and more than enough space for my to do list. Any space I don’t fill I’ll just whack some washi tape in there.

My old layouts compared to my new ones above. Not a massive difference but just these small changes have saved me four pages every month.

Paige x

Bullet Journal

Pretty New Desk Space

With spring on the way I wanted to lighten things up in my journalling area. I have a small narrow desk in the dining room that had a dark printers tray hanging on the wall that I had filled about 8 years ago. I felt it was past it’s best and in desperate need of a make over. I’ve taken it down and it’s now leaning against the wall waiting for me to have a free weekend to strip everything out and give it a new lease of life. Now the wall above my desk looks like this! Filled with loads of little bits and pieces that I love and find inspiring.


The shadow storage boxes are all ones found in car  boot sale that I have painted and added scrapbooking paper to.


Paige x

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How much “Stuff” do we really need?

How much stuff do we really need to Bullet Journal?

All of it!!!! of course!
No seriously what do you really need? Well just a book and a pen, maybe ruler pencil and a rubber if you follow the original method of Bullet Journalling.

I don’t…. I’m a crafter at heart and love paper, tape and stickers. I’m the type of person that has to buy a full set of Staedtler triplus fineliners whenever they bring out a new selection of 6 colours! See my collection grow by another 42 pens come payday!


But the basics that I need, that I use everyday are

¬†* Staedtler fine and thick triplus pens * Sharpie Stylo fineliners for line work (as they dry quickly) * Pilot frixon highlighters (I have the pastel set) * a small ruller * a Uni Kuru Toga with self rotating lead mechanical pencil * Parker Urban Fountain pen with Quink Ink * Avery repositionable tabs * my Stampin’ Up tab punch * a whole shop load of washitape * some nice sharp paper snips * PVA glue * a soft rubber (eraser for non UK peps) * my favourite Moleskine dot grid large soft covered notebooks * a Moleskine cahier notebook (sadly in square as they don’t do them in dot yet).

There is more so much much more! But this is what I carry with me most days.

Paige x

Bullet Journal

Moon Magick

My Moon Magick page. As a Grey Witch (see my other blog¬†) I track the moon phases on both my monthly spreads, in my witch bujo and on this double page spread I’ve noted down some brief ideas for each of the months moons. I use an eclectic selection of Moon names that suit where I live and my own style of Magick. I just don’t get certain Moon names such as Pink moon for April, Milk Moon in May??? ¬†WHAT???? really why??? Sorry but I have no idea how to work with¬†a “pink moon”. I can however work with a Seed moon or a Hare Moon. So the names I have here on my layout won’t match other lists that you can find online or in books they are names ¬†have chosen that suit me.

20161229_174852-1The Moon phase printout is on I found on pinterest and really liked.
The fab moon phase washi tape I found on etsy last year sorry I can’t remember the name of the shop.

Paige x

Bullet Journal


I use Sigils in many of my spell and witch crafting. My two favourite forms of working sigils are the Magic Square of Saturn and the Witches Sigil Wheel. Both allow you to create a sigil that is almost impossible for someone else to read. Whereas bindrunes another popular method are quite easy to brake down into their meaning. 20161230_010841-1

This post will explain how I use these two methods to create sigils, there are many other ways that are out there on the internet and in books, but this is how I use them.

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Date Night

One of my Level 10 Life area’s this year is “marriage”. Although My Hubby and I have a great relationship, we talk about the things that need talking about, we spend evenings together curled up watching TV, we rarely argue (I can’t remember the last time we even had cross words with each other) ¬†I wanted to make¬†more of an effort with us actually going out on dates together and having fun doing something we both enjoy, but just the two of us not going out in a crowd of friends. Making time to hold hands and remember how special we are to each other.

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Fauxdori Picture Tutorial

After posting a couple photos of my bullet journal on some Facebook groups last week I was asked about the fauxdori I made last year.

I don’t tend to follow a pattern when I make mine as I’m not a natural with the sewing machine and patterns tend to confuse me. Instead I prefer to make it up as I go along. This normally means I end up unpicking part or all of my work to change or add things that I’m not happy with, but this doesn’t really bother me as I know that I have made this item and it’s made to suit my needs not that of the pattern makers. I bought some lovely new fabrics last week while wandering a new fabric shop on the island and after posting a picture of them on IG was asked if I would do a photo tutorial on how I make my fauxdoris (TN covers)

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Bullet Journal

Living with your Head in a Vice

I suffer with quite nasty migraines regularly.
The image below pretty much sums up how my migraines feel.

Every six months or so I have a check up and the doctor likes to know how many ¬†I’ve had and how bad they have been. I keep a record so I don’t have to remember I can just take my bullet journal with me.¬† Continue reading “Living with your Head in a Vice”