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Making Small Changes

My new weekly layout is working nicely for me but I really wanted to add a sleep tracker to it. This means that something needed to be removed from the page in order to fit in the sleep tracker in. I am already tracking my family contact in two other places in my TN and my house work chores are tracked on my monthly tracker so I thought these were the obvious two to remove.

I needed my sleep tracker to run from mid afternoon to late morning because my sleeping pattern is pretty erratic. I often wake up very early in the morning meaning I sometimes catch up on a few hours sleep mid afternoon after work.

So far I’m happy with how these trackers are working out for me.

Paige x

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Summer Memories Jar

Each year at Beltaine I start a memory jar. I place three scrolls of paper each with a wish or plan for the summer in the jar along with a flower offering, then I collect little items throughout the summer and add these to the jar. This year I have kept a list in my witch bujo of what I collected, along with where and when it was collected.

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Fish Trackers

I have always had a love for Tropical fish ever since having a family fish tank in my childhood home. Earlier this summer I came across a small tank with 4 fish looking for a new home I jumped at the chance to home them and soon found myself with a further two (much larger) tanks. I have one set up with cold water fish and the other two are both tropical freshwater. Having just the one tank isn’t too difficult to keep track of when maintenance is done but still I had a spread in my BUJO just for it (here) adding two more tanks was a good reason to create more Fish Trackers.


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Bullet Journal

New style of weekly layouts

After a year or so of using pretty much the same weekly layout with just a tweak here or there, I went from heavy on the stickers and washi to an almost minimalist look. I tried dutch doors (not a fan). I narrowed down the type of things I wanted to track on a weekly basis from meal planning to how many steps I’d walked.

 This summer I totally changed things up. I still have a week to a view spread across a double page but now all my tracking is kept together along with my tasks list on the first page and I now only use one page for the days of the week and my appointments.

I’m still using the same pen brands that I have always used. My trusty Parker Urban fountain pen – just the smoothest ink pen I have ever owned. Sharpie Stylo for line work – it drys so quickly and has just enough ghosting to be helpful when drawing up your next page but not too much its annoying. Triplus fineliners for colour – these pens are great for line work and adding a splash of colour to your page I love that they now come in such a wide colour range. Zebra Mildliner Highlighters – I waited months for these to arrive from Japan – to be honest if I had tried them before I’d ordered them I would have just stuck with my Stablio Highlighters as I prefer these.

Paige x

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Sabbat Idea pages – Witch Journal

Another look into my the insert in my TN that is my Witch Journal, these pages are to help me with my sabbat planning. I tend to use the same base ritual for each sabbat (that way my ritual flows without the need for paper notes or scripts) I have this basic ritual written up in my Book of Spells and I just add new seasonal based activities for each sabbat.

I drew up eight double page spreads one for each of the sabbats (they are listed above on the sabbat celebrations page if you’re not familiar with them).

On the left-hand side of each spread  I wrote out correspondences, a personal focus and a list of activities I like to include in my Ritual, and on the right-hand side I have glued in photos from my own rituals (printed on my HPsprocket) and ideas I have found on pinterest that inspire me. I have also written out a short list of ritual items so I’ll have plenty of time to gather my supplies for when they are needed.

These pages make for a quick and easy reference guide when it comes time to plan my sabbat activity even if life is busy and I only have a few hours spare.


Hecatine x

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A few more pages- Witch Journal

So here is another look into my witch journal. This insert in my TN isn’t a bullet journal or a “Book of Shadows” (I have a “Book of Spells” that is quite large and lives on a stand in my altar room), its a place for me to gather information for spell or ritual research, in the past I’ve called this book by many names now it’s just my Witch Journal.

I find it handy to have a small collection of information permanently draw up at the front of the book so that I don’t have to go looking (in books or on the internet) when I need that small snip-it of correspondence info or when the next moon phase is.  So the following pages are ones that have been copied out in a similar order from my last three TN witch inserts. Here and there are a few changes and I have been inspired by some amazing spreads on pinterest but on the whole these are simple information charts and pages nothing is heavily draw or doodled on (thats not my style).  Continue reading “A few more pages- Witch Journal”

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New Witch Journal

The time came for a new insert in my travellers notebook for my witcherys. My old “Witch Shit” book is full and I have a fresh new cahier notebook just calling out to me. I used scrapbooking paper and stickers to cover my insert and copied out a rhyme I found on pinterest to the front page.


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New Journalling Space.

Back in June I took a moment to have a real think about my journalling/witch activties and I can say I found some areas of my life wanting! what I have written below is a direct quote from my IG account.

I filled out my #level10life today it hit me that it’s been months since I used my witch/altar room. I’ve lost my focus, my crafting and journalling items have been spread around the house and I have become the user of three desks. Today is time for a new start time to jump start my focus and get back to “Me”. So I’ve swapped out the small wooden desk from my room with the big glass topped ikea one and moved all my journalling items, my computer and some (I have a lot) of my crafting items into my witch room. I need to spend time in this beautiful room away from the telly and find my focus._DSC2124

Two months on and I know this was for me a great decision to make. I spend time every morning and afternoon in my altar room. I light a candle to the Goddess whisper to her my thanks for the blessings in my life and my hopes for the coming day. I then settle down with my morning coffee, my journal and Magpie who loves to lay across my desk and move my pens about.


I no longer spend hours just sat in front of the TV journalling as I watch, instead I’ll have either the radio or some music playing while I write down my thoughts for the day and fill out my trackers or create new spreads.

Paige x

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Wrap-a-round TN Cover

Back in January I posted about a couple of fabric Travellers Notebook covers I had made. Since posting this tutorial I have made a few more covers using the same process. However for the last three I made I’ve changed the style of cover from an open ended cover to a wrap-a-round. I really like how these have turned out and wanted to share how to adjust my original tutorial so you can create this new style as well.  Continue reading “Wrap-a-round TN Cover”